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          The name you ll your website on the Internet is important. Choosing the right domain name will give your business every chance of success. Read the recommendations here before committing to your domain name.

          Choosing The Right Domain Name

          Domain Name

          Your Domain Name is the name you ll your Internet business and the name you type in a browser to see your website. Ideally it will end with a .com, or a .co.uk, but other options available also include .info, .net, .biz,. org. .gov and many other daft ones. The name you decide to ll yourself n have a huge impact on the success of your business.

          What About a .com?

          Ideally, choose a .com even if you are based solely in the UK. Hell, you never know, your business may one day be global, and you will thank me for this! Other than that choose a .co.uk. I would not bother with any of the others. It is going to be hard enough to obtain a domain name people n remember as it is without having to remember whether it is a .biz or .info, believe me.

          Which Names to Choose

          Which Names to Choose?

          Which name you choose is probably going to be a compromise between what you want and what you n have. Go to a website that will tell you what is available, typilly any hosting provider or domain name registrar, and type what you would like. Chances are it is not going to be available, and neither will be combinations of what you would like. Do not despair though as you will find one you like; it just takes time and a little lateral thinking.

          All in 3 Words

          If you n get your business name as your website name, fantastic, grab it there and then. Other than that, try to get a domain name that tells what your business does in as few words as possible. You should be able to find something available within three words, and I think this is the max you should go to give people a chance of remembering it. If you want to use hyphens to help get the domain you want, otherwise leave them out as its just something else to remember.

          Keywords in the domain name

          Keywords in the domain name

          If you n, get your Keywords in your domain name. Think of the main keywords you want to be found for and see if you n fit them in or around your domain name. Having these words here help your domain stand out more like search engines bold them on Search Engine Result Pages. Not only this but inbound links containing targeted keywords in your domain name help greatly towards your SEO Effort. Ideally get your primary key phrase in your domain name if you n.

          Putting It All Together

          Choosing the right domain name for me was easy. Mine is , and it tells it exactly as it is. It is a . so ideal for nada domination. It has three words, SEO is a word in my books, and every one of them is a great keyword for my business. It also contains my primary keyphrase for which I want to be found for, TOP SEO Expert. That is me.

          SEO Expert Tip

          SEO Expert Tip

          A great domain name n provide a solid foundation from which to build your business upon.


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